Advantages of Agriplast Polyhouse

Polyhouse or a Greenhouse is a house or a structure made of translucent material like polyethylene, where the plants grow and develop under controlled climatic conditions. The size of structure can differ from small shacks to big-size buildings as per the need.

Plants are grown under controlled temperature


Less chances of crop loss or damage


Less pests and insects in a poly house


Quality of produce is higher in poly house


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Reliable & Robust Designed Structure

Team of experienced engineers have created designs according to Indian requirements and export markets.

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Customer Education for plant growing

For years, our strength has been rooted in a balanced approach of educating while fostering trust and expertise.

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Life-time Agronomy Support

Free agronomy support to all the customers from highly experienced agronomist has 20+ years of experience.

Types ofAgriplast Polyhouse

Structure Comparision

Agriplast Designed Polyhouse Structure vs other polyhouse structure


Agriplast Designed Structure

Others Structure

Height of Structure

6.8M to 7.2M from Ground Level

6.2M to 6.5M from Ground Level

Side Ventilation

4 meters

2.5 meteres

Top Vent

1.2 to 1.4 meters

0.9 meters

Pipe Quality and Galvanization

375 GSM to 400 GSM

150 GSM to 250 GSM

Nut Bolts and Connectors

22 Micron Zinc Ferrous Coated

Main Connectors are 5mm Coated (Zinc Coating)

No Coating / 2mm Coating 

Resulting in rusting in 6 months


76mm Diameter

2mm Thickness

Crimped Foundation gives more strength

63mm Diameter

1.6mm Thickness

Point Load Foundation is less stable


Aluminium Double Sliding Door with Buffer Zone

Basic Non-Sliding GI Door without buffer zone


1.6mm Thickness

275 GSM Zinc Coated Gutters

0.6mm to 1mm Thickness 

Non-Galvanized Gutters

End Gutters

Yes, at both ends of the structure


Shade Net and Mechanism

Pulley System Hybrid Mechanism

The Shade Net moves with thousands of pulleys and sandwich clips which are well designed for easy movement without tearing the shade net. PVC wire is used in this Mechanism.

Hook Mechanism

The hook tears the shade net in 1 year and damages the shade net.

GI wire is used in this Mechanism.Rusting will tear the Shade net.

Reinforcement and Anti-Wind Breakers

We provide multiple reinforcement and anti-wind breakers for the strength of the structure.

No reinforcements are given.

Hockey Pipe

Square Pipes are Installed 

Square pipe provides more stability to the structure

Round pipes are Installed

Less stability.

Tonnage of Structure

20-21 Tonnes Steel

Total structure weight is 24 tonnes approx. Can be measured at the site.

16 Tonnes Steel 

Total weight 19 tonnes approx.


Aluminium Profile 

Heat doesn’t transfer and increases life of Plastic.

GI Profile 

Heats plastic and damages it


PVC-Coated Springs

Don’t heat the plastic

GI spring. 

Heats the plastic and damages it.


Ginegar Israel

Ginegar / Local

Shade Net/Insect net



Multiple Designed Connectors

Israeli-designed connectors are used for better strength of the structure.

Local Connectors

Other Features

Curtain Box System (Optional)
FLC Mechanism (Optional)
Aluminet Shade Net with a warranty of 5 years by Ginegar (Optional)

No genuine Aluminet.

Agronomist Support

One Year Free Agronomist Support for assured Farmer Success.

No Support

Cost of Polyhouse in India

Polyhouse construction cost is calculated per sq. meter. The cost varies as per the quality ofthe materials used for the structure and and shed. Also the quality and density of irrigationsystem define the polyhouse farming cost per acre. There are different types of polyhouse- Low cost polyhouse or wooden/bamboo polyhouse, Metal structured polyhouse and Net house Structure.

Polyhouse Structure

₹950/-sq.meter including the cost of drip irrigation unit/ fertigation unit/ fogging.

The installation of structures would cost an additional of ₹55 per sq. mtr. to ₹75 per sq. mtr.

Metal Structured Polyhouse cost per acre is approximately ₹38,00,000

Net house Structure

₹350/- per sq. meter including cost of Drip/ Sprinkler irrigation system.

₹275/- per sq. meter for Net house and ₹75/- per sq. meter for micro irrigation system.

Net house Structure cost per acre is approximately ₹14,00,000

Note: The above prices are approximate and subject to change. Variations may occur based on fluctuations in the prices of metal and other market necessities.

Polyhouse can be designed in various ways as per the selected crop, geography and preferred longevity. Though the construction cost is relatively high one can apply for Govt. subsidy which ranges from 50% to 75% in different states. Learn more about polyhouse farming in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this video, Abhishek Bhatt, Director of Agriplast Protected Cultivation, will provide a comprehensive breakdown of why Agriplast Polyhouse outperforms other polyhouses in terms of yield. He'll elucidate on key features like superior design, Israeli technology application, and optimal environmental control. The design facilitates enhanced ventilation, ensuring ideal growing conditions. Additionally, the use of Israeli technology, tailored for Indian agricultural needs, plays a crucial role in maximizing yields. Stay tuned to gain valuable insights into how Agriplast Polyhouse revolutionizes protected cultivation for superior agricultural outcomes.

A greenhouse is a transparent structure which is made using glass where plants are grown under certain climatic conditions. The agricultural industry has got many innovations, and the greenhouse technology makes use of modern and smart technology to give optimum facilities to the plants for their better and more efficient growth all around the year. Polyhouse is a kind of greenhouse where polyethene plastic material is used to create the polyhouse instead of the use of glass.

A greenhouse is designed to grow plants even in adverse climatic conditions. The translucent glass that covers the greenhouse gives the plants enough light to let them carry the photosynthesis process easily by absorbing light energy. Since the greenhouse is in an airtight condition, a sufficient amount of sunlight makes the greenhouse warmer from within than the outer atmosphere.

Greenhouse not only warms the greenhouse from within only in summers but in winters; it allows for an artificial heating solution which is effective but is a bit expensive. Some other inexpensive ways of warming up your greenhouse are:

  • If you cover the inside of a greenhouse structure with a bubble layer wrap, you will observe a reduction in heat loss.
  • Good power supply availability will allow you to add electric fan heaters to circulate hot air within the greenhouse for the plant's growth.
  • You can also get electric greenhouse heaters installed that come with an inbuilt thermostat and works automatically when the temperature of the outer surroundings goes down.
  • Greenhouse benefits you in several different ways, which are listed below:

  • Helps in producing fresh crops at any time of the year.
  • The facility of producing the crops all around the year, even in adverse climatic conditions.
  • The greenhouse allows the farmers to create an exclusive environment for the better plant growth.
  • Protects crops from adverse climatic conditions.
  • The light energy within a greenhouse is distributed evenly to all the plants.
  • Greenhouse installation makes it easy for the farmers to grow crops with less use of pesticides.
  • Greenhouse setup helps in saving the total usage of resources.
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