Agriplast Advisory Service

Agricultural advisory services have long been recognized as an important factor in promoting agricultural development. Hence it is of utmost importance to acknowledge the role of extension and the challenges of its effective evolution in coming decades. We at Agriplast Protected Cultivation believe that the main objective of Agricultural Advisory is to increase farmers’ access to information, knowledge, and technology for profitable agricultural production.

Other objectives are to develop agricultural technologies through research, and to strengthen agricultural research institutions, enhancing partnerships between agricultural research, advisory services, and other stakeholders. Also to support improved delivery of demand-driven and market-oriented advisory services to farmers to promote their progression from subsistence to market-orientation and to promote integration by supporting collaboration between agribusiness, farmers, advisers, and researchers to create viable, sustainable market and agribusiness linkages. Agriplast Protected Cultivation helps farms to grow better crops and to maintain a strong environmental compliance position. This is achieved through independent, professional agronomy consulting, science-based decisions, technological innovation, and a staff dedicated to the success of our farmers.

The work of Agriplast Protected Cultivation involves working with farmers and agri-businesses to develop agriculture-related activities in a particular part of the country. In addition to the traditional and Hi-tech farming enterprises.

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