Net House Farming: What is Net House, Types, Benefits and More

The agricultural industry is already facing a lot of hardships because of the extreme weather conditions and the change in the pattern of rainfall every year. There have been new changes in the agriculture industry as now it can be practised almost everywhere instead of those farming patterns that were limited to just one place.

It’s the time when you can cultivate almost anything and anywhere. But how? The invention of the net house was one of the modern inventions in agriculture that have helped the industry grow a lot.

A net house is a future of farming that everybody is looking forward to. It is only because it can withstand the harsh climatic conditions in areas like Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, where there is also low water supply and other situations that make farming with traditional methods hard.

This is where the Net House Farming comes into existence. Let’s read on to learn more about what is a net house, net house farming and the greenhouse net benefit for the agricultural field.


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What is a Net House?

A net house is a kind of greenhouse. A net house is a mechanical structure made using galvanized steel covered by nets or insect nets. Such net houses allow an only appropriate amount of heat, air and moisture to pass through them to create the required climatic conditions for the better growth of the plant. This way the net houses allow the plants to grow the healthiest.

The primary function of this agriculture net house is to reduce the light intensity. The shade net does not allow the maximum light to pass through it as it is created using polyethene thread and UV treated material which helps in either blocking or reducing the light intensity. Also, the net house blocks the heat out and aids in trapping the heat within the net house to create optimum weather conditions required for the plant growth. This feature of a net house allows the farmers to grow crops even in the offseason which proves to be fruitful because of the demands of the population these days.

The best example of net house farming is cauliflower crop production. Cauliflower is a winter crop, but with net house farming, you can grow cauliflower even in summers under a controlled environment.

Know About These Different Net House Shade Factors Before You Buy a Net House

Before you buy a shade net house, it is significant to understand the different shade factors available in a net house. Net houses are designed using polyethene material, but they come in various shade factors like 40% shade factor. 40% shade factor implies that 40% light intensity will be blocked, and the rest 60% light intensity will be allowed to pass through the shade net. Some variants of net houses are:

  • 15% shade factor

  • 35% shade factor

  • 40% shade factor

  • 50% shade factor

  • 75% shade factor

  • 90% shade factor

These Benefits of Net Houses Will Encourage You To Invest in Net House Farming

  • Shade net houses aid in cultivating vegetables, flowers, and fruits in the off-season regardless of the climatic conditions. The net house helps maintain a required temperature for efficient and better plant growth. The off-season production allows the farmers to grow crops around the year leading to high crop production.

  • Net house farming is generally practised in nurseries, especially the fruit and flower nurseries where farmers keep the plants in the shade for the required nourishment and growth.

  • Net houses protect your crop from natural disturbances like rain, wind, hail, snow, etc. and allow the trapped heat to pass through them to help the plants from being affected by the climatic conditions.

  • Shade net houses help protect the crops from rodents that usually damage the crops in an open field. It is because net houses are locked. On the other hand, the use of pesticides can be required based on the farmer’s requirements.

  • Net houses are widely used to produce graft saplings and also aid in reducing mortality during the hot summertime.

  • Many agricultural products need to be dried before being supplied to the consumers. Net Houses work as a saviour and are used to dry different agricultural products to maintain their quality.

  • Also, the cultured tissue plants are hardened using the net house farming methods.

The greenhouse net benefits a farmer greatly as the traditional methods have now restricted their income to less. And it’s time to evolve with the evolving technology.

Types of Shade Net Houses

Flat Roof Shade Net Houses

Such net houses are used for the primary purpose of controlling the light intensity. This means controlling the amount of heat and light allowed to enter the shade net houses. Such flat roof shade net houses are equipped with flat roofs made using polyethene and are supported with either bamboo, wood or galvanized steel pipes. In addition, such net houses are used to cultivate vegetables, especially in the off-season or exceptional fruit and flowers. Therefore, the farmers have started investing in falt roof shade net houses as they aid in meeting the seasonal demands of fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Dome Shaped Shade Net Houses

Dome-shaped shade net houses are used with the primary purpose of controlling the light but are designed differently, keeping in mind the specific customer requirements like the different dimensions and sizes. These kinds of net houses are different from the rest as the shape of such net houses is more ergonomic and visually pleasing, requiring relatively less or no maintenance than the flat roof shade net houses.

Steps to Plan For a Net House Wisely

You should plan the structure of the shade net house. Like considering the crop type that will be grown, check the locally available materials required for net house farming and local climatic conditions. You should always keep the provisions on one side for future expansion.

Selection of Site

The first step is to select a suitable site connected well with markets that can supply you with the input materials and produce sales. Make sure you initiate shade net house farming only in a location away from trees, buildings, and even industrial or vehicular pollutants. Ensure you select a site with zero drainage issues and a regular electricity supply and water supply. Although, find a location where windbreakers are only around 30m away from the structure.


For the shade house orientation, there are around two criteria. The orientation is about the uniformity of the light intensity in the wind direction and the shade house. Any single-span net house structure will be oriented either east-west or north-south. On the other hand, the multi-span net house structure should be oriented north-south for the uniform light intensity within the shade net house.

Structural Materials

Any shade net house is designed of two primary components – the frame and the cladding material. The shade house structure provides support for the cladding material and helps protect against rain, wind, and other climatic issues. The shade house mid steel angle frame easily lasts up to 25 years if you keep on getting the anti-rust treatment done promptly for better maintenance of your net house. Any bamboo structure lasts three years, whereas the agro shade net houses last up to 3 to 5 years based on the ever-changing climatic conditions. You can find shade nets in different colours in percentages for better and more effective net house farming.

Expand your Agriculture Business With the New Shade Net House Farming Pattern

Agricultural growth and productivity have started achieving new heights with each passing day. The technologies have now found a way to essentially enter the farm industry and affect it. Shade net house farming is one such new agricultural pattern that has become an integral part of progressive farmers and cultivators all around the globe. It’s time for you to evolve and understand the latest technologies coming into the agricultural industry for better production and profits eventually.

Agriplast Protected Cultivation Private Limited is a renowned agricultural company with professional expertise in agriculture. It’s been years that the company has been serving intelligent and innovative solutions to the people in need. If you have any queries about the set-up of an agriculture net house, then get in touch with the team to clear all your doubts and get one net house established well for your better future.

After all, the digital world asks for more earnings if you need a quality life, and agriculture is now believed to bring a bright future with the use of the right techniques. So say goodbye to the traditional methods and indulge in new inventions for your betterment.

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