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Cooling Fan

Agriplast Protected Cultivation Private Limited introduces the new generation of polymer material and cross-linked space technology, with the advantages of good absorption, water-proof, fast diffusion, anti-mildew, high efficiency and long service time. It is good at adjust the room temperature. • Large evaporation surface area, excellent permeability can guarantee the water evenly wet the wall, cooling efficiency up to 85%. • Does not contain surfactants, natural water absorption and fast diffusion and good performance. Only 4-5 seconds to complete a drop of water diffusion. • Natural water absorption is 60-70mm/5min or 200mm/1.5h. • Special ripper process, high strength, no distortion and more durable. • Specific solid apace structure, providing maximum evaporator surface for water and air thermal exchange. • The corrosion resistance cooling pad also has the function of ventilation and air cleaning. It is excellent filter, non-toxic humidifier, oxygen cooling environmentally friendly materials. it is also do air purification and filtration media Agriplast cooling fan & pad has the features of easy installation, nontoxic and security, economic and energy saving, green and environmental protection.